Friday , 27 May 2022

Grandma of 5-year-old child left on bus says Samaritan who picked him up on highway is a godsend

A St. Paul Grandmother is counting her blessings today and gives thanks to a good Samaritan who picked up her grandson near Highway 881 yesterday.

The preschool child spent over 30 minutes in the cold before being picked up. St Paul Education SPERD released a statement on the action the Board is taking.

 Donna Favel from St. Paul is the boy’s Grandmother.

“The bus driver failed to check his bus after picking up students and dropping them off at school yesterday morning,” Favel told Lakeland Connect. “My grandson was picked up at daycare at 8:10 a.m., he did not get off at school.”

 Favel says the bus parked on the outskirts of town.

“My grandson exited the bus and walked on secondary Hwy. I believe on/near 881,” Favel said. “The school board said he was outdoors for about half-hour before a passerby picked him up and took him to the RCMP station.”

 A Grandmother’s worst fear almost became a reality yesterday if not for the good Samaritan.

“This was so upsetting so I told SPERD all the uneasy thoughts that went through my mind,” Favel said. “All the things that could have happened and imagine if we never saw him again. I told them that the driver should not be driving. They informed me that he’s suspended.”

Favel says the Board told her this bus did not have a back beeper, and the driver informed the Board that he did yell twice before exiting the bus.

“I questioned if this is how First Nation’s children get treated in this school system,” Favel told Lakeland Connect. “It happened to my nephew before and he was wet on the bus for hours, about 10 years ago. I mentioned that too. I told them they should have a bylaw or something in place on the bus, an alarm or button they can push, a cell, a blanket.”

Favel demands that SPERD plan and educate children on what to do when this happens. Her worst nightmare almost came true yesterday and she would like to find the person who picked up her grandson so she can thank them in person.

When the good Samaritan picked up the 5-year-old they wanted to talk to Taylor, Favel says.

“Taylor has a speech impediment but he did say he was walking on the sidewalk (pavement) alone and explained to them using sign language,” Favel told Lakeland Connect. “This person is a godsend.”

Favel says she, “Told the board the things that could have happened” to Taylor while he was walking in the freezing cold unattended.

“He could have been kidnapped, been attacked by dogs, or he could have tried to huddle under something to keep warm,” Favel said. “He was really cold, his hands were exposed to the cold, his gloves were in his backpack. His feet were very cold. His upper lip was very dry according to his mom.”

Favel says she doesn’t want this to happen to another child and she told the board that too. The family could be taking legal action against SPERD.

“We are looking into this matter at this point,” Favel said. “I spoke with a lawyer this am and I am seeking advice.”

Are you the good Samaritan who picked up Taylor? If so please send an email to [email protected] we have one grateful grandmother who wants to thank you in person for saving her grandson.


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