Wednesday , 18 May 2022

Firefighters from stations across the County Fire Service participate in a series of drills

Evenings last week were spent learning the theory needed for newer firefighters from the County Fire Service to respond effectively and safely to calls.

Kirk Hughes is the Fire Chief and the Director of Protective Services in the County of Vermilion River.

“This weekend that theory was put into practice and evaluated,” Fire Chief Hughes said.

Firefighters from stations across the County Fire Service participated in a series of drills and scenarios designed to prepare them for the types of calls they’ll be responding to, Fire Chief Hughes added.

“Under the tutelage of Lead Instructor Captain Lyle Lawrence (Clandonald Station) and Deputy Chief Josh Anderson, Captain Farrell, Firefighter Terry Beck, firefighters conducted training on fire ground operations, traffic control, and radio communication,” Fire Chief Hughes said. “Evaluations occurred on Sunday with Chief Training Officer Cam Stevenson proctoring.”

The training is meant to improve fire service and was a big success.

“Big shout out to Clandonald Fire Station for hosting the event, our instructors and students who gave up time to improve our Fire Service, and to the residents of Clandonald for their patience as crews practiced on Railroad Avenue,” Fire Chief Hughes said. “This is our in-house training program that is designed to acclimatize new firefighters to the profession. It consist of theory and practical applicable to the types of jobs they’d be tasked to do when responding to calls for service. It’s strongly centred on health and safety, with familiarization for traffic control, radio procedures, dawning/doffing of protective clothing and equipment and some preliminary hose work in preparation for wildfire season.”

Fire Chief Hughes says, “After this weekend, students will be able to add additional courses and eventually challenge for their Firefighter Level 1 through the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).”

“We are fortunate in the CVR Fire Service to have access to high caliber instructors with a strong background in adult education – some of which having taught at the Lakeland College Fire Academy,” Fire Chief Hughes said. “The instructors were top-notch and shows the strength of our Fire Service as it relates to capability and professionalism.”

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