Sunday , 29 May 2022

Wildrose Leader Paul Hinman Named Official Candidate for Fort McMurray – Lac La Biche

With the Wildrose Independence Party nomination now completed for the coming Fort McMurray – Lac La Biche by-election, local members and the Wildrose Independence Party have endorsed Wildrose Leader Paul Hinman as their by-
election candidate.

Speaking from Fort McMurray Hinman stated, “This is the most important by-election in Alberta history and marks a golden opportunity for the people of FortMcMurray – Lac La Biche to reverse course on the disastrous political direction which threatens the Alberta economy
and also the freedom of every Albertan.”

When asked about the number one issue for the by-election Hinman said, “Trudeau’s ‘Carbon Net Zero’ attack against the oil and gas sector is front and center as the biggest issue here. Not only are there thousands of local jobs at stake, but the entire local economy, housing market and the survival of the community is directly threatened. The Alberta NDP supports shutting down the oil and gas industry, so they are part of the problem,and Kenney’s UCP has been repeatedly elbow-bumping and dealing with Trudeau, rather than fighting for Alberta as
they falsely promised to do.”

Commenting on how he stacks-up against his opponents in the by-election, Hinman argued, “The NDP’s Mancini is the absolutely wrong answer for the riding because her party is dead against the oil and gasindustry that is the backbone of the Alberta economy. That leaves the UCP’s Brian Jean, who, like Kenney, supports the UN Paris Accord, which is a betrayal of Fort McMurray – Lac La Biche and every Alberta oil and gas worker. He also has a track record of abandoning Fort McMurray. Brian Jean is a two-time quitter looking for his third strike.”

In conclusion, Hinman suggested that only a Wildrose victory will bring needed change, “Wildrose is the one Party that is fighting directly against ‘Carbon Net Zero’ and supporting our oil and gas jobs. Unlike the other Parties, Wildrose is for independence and ending Ottawa’s control and interference. This by-election is vitally important, since a Wildrose victory will end the status quo and send a message to both Edmonton and Ottawa that Albertans are ready to take control of their future, protect their jobs and defend their freedom.”

About Arthur C. Green

Arthur C. Green is an award winning journalist and is from Whitbourne Newfoundland. Green graduated from the CNA Journalism Program. Arthur also studied Business Marketing and Political Science at Memorial University in Essex England and St. John's Newfoundland. Green has worked for such organizations as CBC, CBC Radio, NTV, Saltwire, Great West Media, CKLB Radio, River Radio, Vista Radio, and Postmedia. He also loves Jiggs Dinner and can fillet a Codfish.