Sunday , 29 May 2022

MD of Bonnyville rescinds use of firearms policy

The MD of Bonnyville has revoked its use of firearms policy, as Public Safety will no longer have firearms in its inventory.

Use of firearms by Public Safety is not authorized at this time in the M.D. of Bonnyville, meaning the Use of Firearms policy (Policy No. 5C.008) is no longer required.

During the summer, at the August 11, 2021, Regular Meeting of Council, Council directed Administration to not proceed with seeking enhanced authority for M.D. of Bonnyville Peace Officers to use shotguns.

Additionally, at the September 22, 2021, Regular Meeting of Council, Council approved the sale of the remaining shotguns from the
M.D. Public Safety inventory.

Since Public Safety will no longer have firearms in their inventory and use is not authorized at this time, Policy No. 5C.008 Use of Firearms is no longer required.

On January 12 at the MD of Bonnyville Council meeting Administration proposed to rescind the Use of Firearms policy.

Deputy Reeve put forth the motion to Council to rescind the current policy.

Councillor Mike Krywiak asked, “I think this may not be required in the future” during the discussion.

Chief Administrative Officer Al Hoggan responded by saying, ” It may be required in the future but nowhere that I can see in in the near future.”

“Even in the event that we were to reauthorize at some point in the next few years, the Peace Officers to the use of the shotguns particularly for peace officers, my guess is the policy would require significant amendment as time goes on and as the Solicitor General’s change and at that point, it would probably look close to a new policy anyway,” CAO Hoggan told the MD Council.

The motion was voted on, passed and the policy is no longer needed.

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