Friday , 21 January 2022

Icy conditions lead to multiple vehicle accidents reports BRFA

Station 5 Bonnyville responded at 2:15pm to two vehicles in the ditch on Hwy 28 just past RR 454. While managing traffic to protect that scene there were 5 more incidents of either collisions or vehicle hitting the ditch to avoid collisions.

The initial incident appears to be a vehicle that cut off the final vehicle in a funeral procession, forcing that vehicle into the ditch. A following vehicle attempting to slow down spun out of control and hit the ditch as well.

The remaining five incidents happened while the BRFA was controlling traffic as a result of the initial two incidents causing the accident scene to become 4 separate scene stretched across 4 kms of Hwy 28.

In all, eight people were assessed by EMS but none were transported. Two vehicle were towed away from the scene and 5 were towed out of the ditch.

Highway conditions are treacherous – very slippery and very limited visibility. Please stay off the highway if possible, and if you cannot avoid it, please drive carefully.

Station 7 Fort Kent and Station 8 Ardmore responded at 4:08p. to a vehicle in the ditch on Hwy 28 and RR 433. The driver was not transported by EMS and was left in the care of RCMP while waiting on a tow.

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