Friday , 28 January 2022

Lakeland Catholic held its first Stakeholder Virtual Engagement Session of the 2021/22 school year

On December 9, Lakeland Catholic held its first Stakeholder Virtual Engagement Session of the 2021/22 school year.

During Wednesday’s Regular Board Meeting, Deputy Superintendent Chantel Axani provided an overview of the session.

Over 30 people were present including board members, senior administration, school-based administration, and parents.

Four main topics were discussed among smaller groups, with each subject including three essential questions.

The final round of discussion was an opportunity for stakeholders to provide possible talking points for future engagement sessions.

The main topics included: LCSD offers faith-filled, caring, welcoming, and safe environments, Lakeland Catholic students are successful, LCSD schools are diverse and inclusive, and Lakeland Catholic Schools are well governed.

Axani explained stakeholders also discussed areas of celebration, or what LCSD is doing well, and next steps the division should consider.

During the session, parents expressed how their children are excited about what they are learning in school.

“That just speaks volumes, when kids want to go to school and they’re happy,” trustee Vicky Lefebvre told the board.

In terms of topics for future stakeholder engagement, parents wished to see more discussion surrounding mental health/wellness initiatives for students and staff, how schools can collaborate to provide programming for students, sports programs such as hockey and volleyball, and how the division can continue to engage parents, seek feedback, and gain more parental involvement on School Councils and Parent Advisory Councils.

Overall, Axani said, the event was successful.

Board Chair Diane Bauer suggested including other stakeholders such as media and Parish priests, while trustee Denise Tercier recommended being more clear the sessions are open to everyone.

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