Sunday , 16 January 2022

Lakeland Connect North Pole update

Santa’s Co-Pilot Elf, seven-year-old Tippy Toes Landing, at the North Pole says work is almost completed just in time for Santa’s worldwide trip.

Snow doubt about it, Christmas is less than nine days away, as cheerful elves work overtime in the North Pole to tightly pack Santa’s sleigh.

The Reindeer are fed and the North is cold, Lakeland Connect spoke with Santa’s co-pilot elf who is only seven years old.

“The skis on the sleigh are waxed and the heated seats have been plugged in. I even fixed a few holes in the floorboards from a few pieces of shiny new tin.”

Mrs. Claus has been busy baking extra snacks for the world trip according to the elf.

“It’s been so busy here at the North Pole making toys that I haven’t had time to sit on the shelf.”

When asked about the workload at the North Pole the elf replied.

“We added a fourth workshop this year with a top-up grant and now I have enough stamps to move back to Newfoundland and draw E.I.”

Santa is on the ball with the naughty and nice list, the elf said.

“On Christmas Eve don’t forget to leave lunch for Santa before you head to bed.”

This year Santa will be dressed extra-warm, with a new pair of his great nanny’s wool socks.

“Working at the North Pole has been a blast this year, but I do miss the mummers, who live on Da Rock.”

The sleigh has been loaded and Rudolph’s nose has been changed with a new led light.

“It’s dark in the North so we tweaked it and made it extra bright.”

The elf did say one thing for the children of the Lakeland to remember despite all this year’s hard work and labour.

“Christmas is about spreading cheer, love, and happiness, so please don’t forget about your neighbour.”

Fur blankets have been added to the inside Santa’s sleigh for protection from the frost, the elf says.

“-53 is quite a low, but Santa and his sleigh are packed and are ready to go.”

Lakeland Connect didn’t get a chance to ask about the reindeer at the North Pole stable, but we will provide you with more North Pole updates as they become available.

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