Sunday , 16 January 2022

Lac La Biche County Emergency Management Team receives prestigious national recognition

Lac La Biche County Emergency Management Team has been chosen for a national award for their involvement in the Fort McMurray Wildfire Disaster in 2016.

The Emergency Management Exemplary Service Award is the prestigious national recognition of exceptional service and achievement in the areas of prevention, preparation, response, and recovery from emergencies and disasters in Canada.

“We are receiving the award for the Resilient Communities category,” John Kokotilo, Manager of Protective Services Emergency Management and Regional Fire Chief in Lac La Biche said.

As a partnership between provincial, territorial, and federal governments, the award recognizes individuals and groups who have demonstrated excellence in the field of emergency management from a variety of areas, including community-based volunteers, representatives from multiple levels of government, and individuals from Indigenous communities.

“On behalf of Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Senior Officials Responsible for Emergency Management, we congratulate Lac La Biche County Emergency Management Team for being selected as a recipient of the Emergency Management Exemplary Service Award,” Trevor Bhupsingh from Public Safety Canada wrote in a letter to Lac La Biche County. “We are honored to present you with this award for your involvement with the Fort McMurray Wildfire Disaster in 2016. Congratulations on this prestigious recognition and thank you for your
service, dedication to your community, and in the assistance of others.”

During the disaster, the Bold Centre in Lac La Biche became a refuge for hundreds of evacuees fleeing out-of-control wildfires in Fort McMurray. Water and other supplies, including food and clothing, were distributed to people in need during this time as people in Lac La Biche and the Lac La Biche County Emergency Management Team all came together to help.

Lakeland Connect would like to say congratulations on receiving such a prestigious award and say thank you to Lac La Biche County for caring about the people from Fort McMurray who has nowhere else to turn.

The award will be presented on December 9. To learn more about the Resilient Communities category click here.

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