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MLA Dave Hanson speaks on Victor Ringuette’s passing in the Alberta Legislature

On Tuesday, Novemeber 30, MLA Dave Hanson from Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul spoke in the Alberta Legislature about the recent passing of Victor Ringuette who was a beloved community member.

“Thank you very much Mr. Speaker, on November 8, the Ringuette family of Bonnyville lost a husband, father and grandfather. Alberta and my local community lost a great man, a great friend and entrepreneur,” MLA Hanson said in the Alberta Legislature. “If you’ve driven a highway in Alberta, Saskatchewan or BC, chances are you’ve seen a B & R Eckel’s Transport Ltd transport truck.”

“More importantly, if you’ve attended a local hospital gala, sporting event or fundraiser, you’ve seen the ever present B & R Eckel’s placards, or the famous custom made four burner tandem barbecue,” MLA Hanson said. “That was a staple of many community events over the years complete with B & R Eckel’s Transport Ltd staff to do the cooking. Victor Ringuette founded the company that would become B & R Eckel’s on March 1 1965.”

“During the prime times in our province, that company boasted over 500 employees with 14 depots across Alberta. Currently, the company employs over 420 people with a fleet of 400 power units, and 975 trailing equipment units.” MLA Hanson said. “When asked about his success, the humble Victor always gave the credit to his wife Greta. Victor was a man with a big heart that believed in giving back to the community.”

According to his daughter, Roxanne, he told his family, you support the community that supports you,” MLA Hanson said. “It did not matter if you were a school sports team, a local sporting event, 4H, food bank or friendship centre. People tell me they could always count on support from Victor.”

“When asked why he was so generous and supportive of community events, he answered sincerely, because I can,” MLA Hanson said. “If you attended the Calgary Stampede, Chuck Wagon races was a sport he was very fond of. Or the very popular B & R  breakfast, his support for what truly makes Alberta great was obvious.

Arthur C. Green/Lakeland Connect

“To Greta, Victor’s four children and his grandchildren. Thank you for sharing him with us,” MLA Hanson said. “I know he will be missed most by you. Our entire province is better off from his time here and we are forever grateful. Thank you.”

“Victor Ringuette was an amazing family man, philanthropist, and a stand-up Albertan,” MLA Hanson wrote on social media. “It is with a heavy heart that the town of Bonnyville, and the entire province mourns his passing. My deepest sympathies to his wife, children, and grandchildren. He will be greatly missed.”

Not all superheroes wear capes, sometimes they start transport truck companies and deeply care about the community.

Rest in peace, Victor Joseph Ringuette, July 3, 1938 ~ November 8, 2021 (age 83).

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