Thursday , 2 December 2021

Snow clearing delayed in Bonnyville because of equipment failure

The Mayor of the Town of Bonnyville says snow clearing is a priority.

Large drifts in the alleyways, cars getting stuck on main street, this was the reality recently in the Town of Bonnyville after a large snowfall. It may have seemed that the snowplow was nowhere in sight for a few days as residents struggled to dig out from under mother natures blanket.

Elisa Brosseau is the Mayor of the Town of Bonnyville.

“We try to get to it in a timely manner,” Mayor Brosseau said. “This year, unfortunately, we have a few other things going on at the same time. We have some equipment failure, and we had some water pipes bust at the same time.”

Mayor Brosseau says a lot of the Town of Bonnyville’s manpower had to be relocated to those emergencies.

If your street has yet to be cleared, don’t worry, help is on its way.

“Be sure that staff does know it’s a priority and are working hard on it,” Mayor Brosseau concluded.

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