Monday , 6 December 2021

M.D. of Bonnyville increases Kinosoo Ridge Resort budget

The budget for Kinosoo Ridge Resort got a boost from the M.D. of Bonnyville (MD) recently.

As the 2021/22 ski season is upon us, the resort staff have found several maintenance and repair items that require attention before the hill opens.

Administration presented a report outlining these unbudgeted items on November 12.

Bowen Clausen is the Director of Parks, Recreation, and Culture for the MD.

The findings from an operational and financial review conducted in the Spring of 2021 and presented to Council on May 5, 2021, identified that the operational practices at Kinosoo Ridge failed to follow consistent maintenance schedules and upkeep procedures for equipment and infrastructure required to operate the facility in an effective and efficient manner,” Clausen told MD Council. “This has now led to drastically shortened infrastructure life spans, equipment breakdowns, and extensive repair costs.”

Clausen outlined numerous equipment and infrastructure failures encountered over the last few months during the meeting. Clausen says this has unfortunately delayed the regular seasonal opening preparations and timelines.

Clausen outlined several issues to MD Council which require extra money in the budget to fix:

  1. Snow Groomer – tracks, tiller, hydraulic sensors, deflection guard, hydraulic system repair
  2. Snowmaking water pump – full pump rebuild removal/re-install
  3. Snowmaking water line – repair multiple holes and burst pipes
  4. Snowmaking power pedestals – replacements of GFI on highest risk locations
  5. Chalet drainage – repair and redirect drainage
  6. Chalet hot water tanks – replacement
  7. Chalet boiler – a temporary fix until replaced
  8. Green and blue chair- electric motor overhaul, chair grip replacements, sheave replacements.

“These necessary repairs total over $265,000 (estimate to date) and exceed current budgeted amounts,” Clausen said.

Although there are setbacks, Kinosoo Ridge Resort has started making snow. Facebook Image

Kinosoo Ridge is in the initial stages of pre-season work, and while optimistic, has concerns that further large repairs may be on the horizon due to the current condition of much of the equipment and infrastructure.

Further, AEDARSA (Alberta Elevating Devices and Amusement Rides Safety Association), the regulating body for chairlifts and ski carpets, will be doing their annual inspection very soon which may require further repairs or adjustment before receiving their certification.

Administration requested that additional funds be added to the Kinosoo Ridge budget to cover current overages and estimates, as well as additional room for the other anticipated maintenance costs not foreseen before the 2021 Budget approval.

As a result, on November 12, MD Council approved the department’s request for an increase of $300,000 to the Kinosoo 2021 Budget from cashflow reserves to tackle the projects.

Administration will return to a future meeting with options to replenish the reserve from unused 2021 funds.

Kinosoo Ridge Resort will announce their opening at a later date.

Thanks to Mother Nature Kinosoo Ridge Resort already has a solid base of natural snow which has kickstarted their snowmaking season despite the setbacks.

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