Monday , 6 December 2021
Town of Bonnyville Council art Swearing in Ceremony on October 26th, 2021. Photo Credit: Robynne Henry (Town of Bonnyville)

TOWN OF BONNYVILLE – Council Highlights

Town of Bonnyville

Council Highlights

Regular Council Meeting

October 26


SWORN IN: CAO Bill Rogers chaired the Organizational Meeting until Mayor-Elect Elisa Brosseau was sworn in. Mayor Brosseau assumed the chair once she read the oath of office. The rest of council were also sworn in and sat through their first Organizational and Regular Meetings that evening. Coun. Brian McEvoy was sworn in as the first Deputy Mayor for this Council and will hold the position for six months.

DRAFT BUDGETS: Administration presented the first drafts of the 2022 Operational and Capital Budgets. Council passed a motion to have a Budget Open House on Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2021, which will allow residents to ask questions and voice their concerns to council and administration. Draft one of the Operational Budget currently has a deficit of $575,861 and the Capital Budget has a deficit of $7,856,042. A second draft of the budgets will be presented to Council on Nov. 23. Council will take the information gathered during the Open House and approve Interim Budgets before the end of the year.

DELEGATIONS: There were four more presentations from local groups and organizations requesting financial assistance from the Town. The funding requests from the Bonnyville and District FCSS, Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority, and the Bonnyville Municipal Library haven’t changed and are included in the 2022 Operating Budget. Community Futures Lakeland requested $13,810 and that money will go towards grants that local business owners can apply for.

PROCLOMATION: Mayor Elisa Brosseau proclaimed November to be Family Violence Prevention Month in the Town of Bonnyville. Alberta has the third highest rate of self-reported intimate partner violence among provinces and the community benefits in creating awareness in resources on family violence. Violence against women and children represents one of the most significant societal issues that endangers Canadians’ health and well-being. All residents in the Town of Bonnyville have a role to play in preventing family violence. Mayor Brosseau calls upon citizens to speak out against family violence.

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