Monday , 6 December 2021

Lighting retrofit completed at Clancy Richard Arena

As part of the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre’s (MCCAC) Recreation Energy Conservation (REC) program, the Town of St. Paul has completed an energy efficiency lighting retrofit of the Clancy Richard Arena.

This retrofit switched out fluorescent lights with LED lighting. LED lights provides much better illumination thereby improving visibility and safety. At the same time, LEDS cut electricity consumption in half when compared to fluorescent lights, this allows the Town to reduce operating costs and its environmental impact. This lighting project will significantly reduce the electricity consumption in the building and it will also help to reduce the town’s Green House Gas emissions.

“The Town of St. Paul is pleased to be a recipient of the Recreation Energy Conservation Program grant through MCCAC and is excited to upgrade the Clancy Richard Arena.,” says Town of St. Paul, CAO Steven Jeffery. “This project represents one of the ways that the Town of St. Paul is doing to reduce energy consumption and operating costs. The Town of St. Paul is excited to pursue more energy saving opportunities like this.”

Established in 2009, MCCAC empowers Alberta’s municipalities to be leaders in climate change action through energy efficiency and renewable energy project. The Town of St. Paul is grateful for the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre grant, which provided them
with the funding to invest in LED lights for the Clancy Richard Arena.

“We reduced GHG emissions and saved money and energy by completing this project at the Clancy Richard Arena,” the Town of St. Paul stated.

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