Monday , 29 November 2021

Winmar Property Restoration shows they care by donating Trauma Care Bears

For children, in times of crisis, there sometimes is nothing more comforting than the hug of a teddy bear. Winmar Property Restoration is making that happen for victims of crisis in the Lakeland Region with an amazing donation.

That donation is Trauma Care Bears.

The County of Vermilion River Protective Services was fortunate enough to replenish it’s supply of these bears last week when Brandi Sankey, of Winmar Property Restoration – Lloydminster dropped by Blackfoot Station to present County Fire Chief Kirk Hughes with a few bags of bears.

“Whether it be at a fire, motor vehicle collision or medical call, being able to provide the reassurance of a teddy bear to a frightened child makes a remarkable difference” said Chief Hughes. “The bear bags will be distributed to our first response trucks, as well as our Peace Officer and Chief trucks.”

Chief Hughes can relate to just how important these bears are to patients.

“I take a personal interest in providing this comforts to children involved in traumatic situations” stated Chief Hughes, “Last year my son was airlifted by STARS to Calgary, and the presence of his STARS Bear by his side kept him calm and feeling safe”.

The County of Vermilion River doesn’t keep stats on the number of bears handed out in 2021, but suffice to say they get used enough to warrant a resupply.

“Most first response trucks in the County have a bag of bears on their apparatus, even our Peace Officers and Chief trucks carry them,” Chief Hughes told Lakeland Connect. “Being able to give that reassurance to a frightened child makes a profound difference to kids and, ultimately, helps lower the stress they are feeling with all the overwhelming sights, sounds and smells typical of an emergency situation.”

Deputy Chief says, “A big shout out to Winmar for their kind donation to the Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority.”

Winmar Property Restoration also made a stop at the Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority (BRFA) on October 20, to stock up our first responders with with a very valuable tool known as Trauma Care Bears.

“Winmar Property Restoration dropped off some bears to us,” Dan Heney Regional Deputy Chief of the BRFA said. “I haven’t counted each one but I’m betting there is around a 100 or so.”

This is the first time in history that the BRFA is working with Winmar to help children who could use the hug of a teddy bear during time of crisis.

“The next bear given out will be the first,” Deputy Chief Heney said. “But we are very happy to have them as a supplier partner and hope that it helps with any encounters with children that we have.”

The BRFA is like a family and is made up of local volunteers. Deputy Chief Heney says he will be dropping off a couple bags of bears to each of the stations.

“As well as our EMS division so that we can get maximum opportunities to brighten a child’s day,” Deputy Chief Heney told Lakeland Connect. “We want to thank Winmar for their generosity and their efforts to help us help local children during generally scary events. Winmar’s obvious concern for child welfare is inspiring and we are happy to be working with them.”

Winmar Property Restoration shows they care by donating Trauma Care Bears.

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