Thursday , 2 December 2021

False claims on social media about establishment of nefarious camps at 4 Wing Cold Lake addressed by Colonel

In recent days a number of false claims have been circulating on social media regarding 4 Wing Cold Lake. These false claims are specifically related to the vaccination policy for employees of CFB Cold Lake as well as the Canadian Armed Forces’ role in enforcing Government of Canada vaccination policies.

Colonel Dave Moar, 4 Wing Commander, reached out to Lakeland Connect to put these rumors at rest.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to address these inaccuracies,” Col. Moar told Lakeland Connect. “On October 8, 2021 the Acting Chief of the Defence Staff published the Canadian Armed Forces COVID-19 Vaccination Directive. The directive does not apply to members of the public for the purpose of granting access to Defence establishments. Although certain public businesses at 4 Wing may choose to use the Alberta Restriction Exemption Program, members of the public will not be prohibited from entering the 4 Wing Defence establishment based on vaccination status.”

However, contractors and individuals employed by other organizations working alongside Defence Team members at 4 Wing will be subject to the federal COVID-19 vaccination policy, Col. Moar says.

“Their employers will implement this policy as directed by Government of Canada contract policies,” Col. Moar told Lakeland Connect. “Contractor attestations of fully vaccinated status will be collected and confirmation will be provided to the Department of National Defence by the contracted company. Contractors who are non-compliant with this policy may have their contracts terminated.”

The Cold Lake Air Weapons Range (CLAWR) is utilized for training purposes by tactical aircraft from 4 Wing and other CAF and allied nations’ military units.

“Work is continually done to maintain the buildings and targets on the CLAWR—there is absolutely no construction involving the establishment of nefarious camps as was described in various social media posts,” Col. Moar said. “Furthermore, neither 4 Wing nor any other Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member will be canvassing homes in communities to determine a person’s vaccine status. This is simply not a role of the CAF.”

 Col. Moar says, 4 Wing Cold Lake is committed to the health and safety of its members and the local community.

“We remain diligent in following all local, provincial, and federal direction and guidance in relation to COVID-19 public health measures,” Col. Moar said.

More information on the policy visit can be found at Canadian Armed Forces COVID-19 Vaccination Directive 

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