Wednesday , 8 December 2021
Mayor of Cold Lake Craig Copeland was acclaimed during this election. File Photo

Low voter turnout in the City of Cold Lake Municipal Election

The unofficial results for the Cold Lake 2021 Municipal Election are in. The City of Cold Lake reported that 2,780 out of 11,074 eligible voters cast a ballot or 25 per cent of eligible voters.

The following are the unofficial results, reported alphabetically by candidate for councillor for the 2021 Cold Lake municipal election:

  • Larry Ashcroft                                     600
  • Ryan Bailey                                        1,027
  • Bob Buckle                                         834
  • Hussein Elkadri                                   760
  • Sara Fewchuk                                     558
  • Murray Gauthier                                  800
  • Ryan Lefebvre                                    988
  • Vicky Lefebvre                                   1,191
  • Bob Mattice                                        1,725
  • Rhea McMillan                                    813
  • Willian (Bill) Charles Parker                1,017
  • Debra Pelechosky                               633
  • Adele Richardson                               1,039
  • Chris Vining                                        1,382

The election was held for six council positions. Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland was acclaimed.

Official results, including results to the city’s plebiscite questions, the provincial senate nominations, and the provincial referenda, will be made available on Friday, October 22, 2021.

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