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Elisa Brosseau asks for your vote for Mayor in the Town of Bonnyville

Elisa Brosseau believes she has more to accomplish as an elected official in a town she dearly loves. Brosseau is running for the Mayor of the Town of Bonnyville and would like your support.

Having spent the last four years as a Councillor, she is now seeking election as the Mayor in a town she was born and raised in.

“My entire family is here, grandparents and uncles, cousins, my brothers, my parents,” Brosseau told Lakeland Connect. “So really I’m the fourth generation here in Bonnyville, I’m a wife and I have three young kids, and my background is in education, human resources management, and labor relations.”

Brosseau says her former time on Council has been a whirlwind of a term, and she feels like her term has involved a lot of learning and a lot of listening.

“As you know, there are three Councillors who’ve been on Council now for close to 20 years and they’re leaving, but they have brought a wealth of knowledge and history to the table so one of the big things from the last four years is everything that I’ve really learned from them,” Brosseau said.

“Some of the other successes. It was, it was really important for me going in, as you know my background is in human resources and I know jobs are really important for our economy. So at the time in 2017, we were going through another ebb and flow in the oil and gas industry and we were seeing a lot of people leaving the community we were seeing a lot of homes up for sale. And that was really important for me to strike up a regional economic development committee with the MD, and I’m proud to say we did do that.”

Brosseau says during her time on the Town of Bonnyville Council she worked diligently with the Municipal District of Bonnyville on meeting with stakeholders working on a strategic plan and some of those goals going forward.

“Also taking a look at some of the other sectors that are just important to our region as oil and gas such as agri-foods, tourism, a military procurement, to name a few,” Brosseau said.

“There have also been many other great things that I’ve been a part of, I’ve been on the Canada Day committee, so every year that’s always so much fun, it looked a little bit different this year and we did a scavenger hunt and everybody who came in said how much fun they had they enjoyed the outdoor movies that we had.”

Brosseau is also President of the Alberta Bilingual Municipalities Association.

“We’ve been doing really great projects there,” Brosseau said.

“This is an association that brings municipalities who identify as being bilingual together for the purpose of economic prosperity. At the moment we’re working on a tourism project, we’ve got a large project over in the Plamondon area.”

Brosseau has also been a part of FCSS as a board member with FCSS and loves taking in community events whenever she can.

“It’s a lot of fun being at the table and being able to make some of those decisions and then going out in the community and partaking in some of these events that, you know, the dollars have gone to,” Brosseau said.

Brosseau says she has the experience to lead the Town of Bonnyville.

“I do have a lot of experience running teams, leading teams on boards and committees,” Brosseau said. “I understand the process.”

Brosseau hopes she can count on your support on October 18. Vote Elisa Brosseau for the Mayor of the Town of Bonnyville.





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