Monday , 17 January 2022

Lac La Biche County completing shoulder pulling in the Normandeau Area

Lac La Biche County is completing shoulder pulling in the Normandeau Area. The County presently has grader and rototiller crews working.

Roads planned for shoulder pulling in this area over the next few weeks are as follows:

  • Township Road 651: From Range Road 160 to Range Road 123
  • Range Road 130: From Elinor Lake Road south to the dead end
  • Range Road 125: From Elinor Lake Road to Township Road 651

What is shoulder pulling?

Shoulder pulling programs are completed to enhance the longevity of gravel roads. With time and use, the surface material of the gravel road gets spread out onto the roadside (shoulders), until the crown of the road is essentially squished out from the center to the sides. Shoulder pull maintenance brings the gravel material back onto the main road surface and returns the road to its proper crown, reducing road rebuilds, repairs on trouble areas, re-graveling costs, and grader passes.

“Shoulder pulling is a maintenance procedure that takes place throughout the year, mostly in the early spring and in the fall on gravel roads,” Lac La Biche County stated. “When the shoulders of a road are too high and water sits on the roadway, the County pulls the shoulders to allow the water to drain properly into the ditches.”

What can residents expect?

Residents can expect temporary delays and sometimes temporary road closures and traffic disruption in construction areas due to this maintenance program. Residents are asked to watch for construction warning signs.

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