Sunday , 16 January 2022
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Jonathan Meyers named Fort McMurray – Cold Lake candidate for the Maverick Party

Jonathan Meyers is counting on your vote and he wants to be your voice in Ottawa representing the Maverick Party. Originally from Fort McMurray and a tradesperson, Meyers is promising voters he will bring true grit, determination, and that the West is well represented in parliament when he gets elected.

Meyers is a true Albertan. Born in Rocky Mountain House, he grew up on the family farm near Leslieville. He has lived in each of Alberta’s three largest cities in Southern, Central, and Northern Alberta and feels a deep connection to the diverse regional landscapes, (to the Plains and Parkland, to the Mountains and Waterways, and to the Foothills and Boreal Forest.) and to the diverse people who inhabit them.

Meyers will put the interests of Western Canada first he says in Ottawa.

“For more than six decades, the Ontario and Quebec-centered federal parties have ridden on the backs of Western Canadian provinces, putting a yoke on our necks and slowly sucking the lifeblood from our economy to the tune of $600 billion,” Meyers said in a recent all-candidates forum for Fort McMurray-Cold Lake which was held at the Lakeland Inn hosted by the Cold Lake Chambers of Commerce.

Meyers will voice the interests of voters in Fort McMurray-Cold Lake he says. The Maverick Party does not support universal basic income, vaccine passports, or mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations. However, Meyers believes that Infrastructure projects such as pipelines and the development of a road in Fort Chipewyan are essential to job creation and economic growth.

The Maverick Party believes that Alberta is not getting its fair share when it comes to equalization and Myers says the Federal Government is reaping the benefits from Alberta’s natural resources. Having lived in most regions of Alberta, Jonathan noticed a common theme amongst his friends and colleagues, namely dissatisfaction with the political realities present in the West. Albertans, and Western Canadians, often lament that their voices are not heard, and their votes do not count in Ottawa.

“Canada is underwater in debt and sinking fast,” Meyers said in the all-candidates forum. “We will fight tirelessly to rescind the current equalization formula.”

After learning of and researching the Maverick Party and discussing it with his wife and children, Jonathan recognized that there was a rare opportunity to help bring about a change for the West.

To Jonathan, the Maverick Party’s principles and goals are Alberta and the West need so that they might be truly heard, and continue to thrive, in that diverse and beautiful part of Canada. He then sought and received the nomination to run for the Party in the Fort McMurray-Cold Lake riding. Jonathan is committed to working his hardest and doing his utmost to become a Member of Parliament for this “True, North, Strong, and Free” community.

Jonathan believes that with the support of his family, friends, and neighbors, and given his life experiences, he would be a strong voice to represent a strong community, with a strong desire to be heard.

“Maverick Party Members of Parliament will always defend the best interests of Western Canadians and only support legislation that benefits their constituents and the West,” Meyers said.

You can contact Jonathan at [email protected] or by visiting www.meyersmaverick.ca.

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