Thursday , 23 September 2021

Lac La Biche RCMP work in partnership with multiple agencies to help save a bear

During the morning of Aug. 31, 2021 Lac La Biche RCMP responded to a report of a black bear exploring the downtown area of Lac La Biche. The bear was located downtown and an area was subsequently blocked off to protect the public and the wildlife. Once the bear climbed a tree in the downtown area, further plans were put into action to help rescue and relocate the bear.

Lac La Biche RCMP, Lac La Biche County’s Community Peace Officers, Alberta Conservation and Alberta Fish and Wildlife officers, were able to successfully tranquilize the bear and shortly thereafter relocated the bear to a forested area.

Officers would like to thank the public for respecting the area that was cordoned off by the officers in order to help save the bear. It was a beary good outcome for all involved.

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