Sunday , 16 January 2022

Fort McMurray-Cold Lake Conservatives “Appalled” by Goodridge’s appointment

The Fort McMurray-Cold Lake Electoral District Association (EDA) says it “does not support or recognize the undemocratic appointment of the current candidate”, Laila Goodridge.

The EDA released a statement Friday renouncing its support for the Goodridge stating, “this appointment severely undermines the fundamental values of conservatives and everyone’s constitutional right to democracy. Our constituents were cheated of the opportunity to democratically select their candidate and were FORCED by the by the party on who will represent them. Many qualified candidates were not given the opportunity to apply nor were their conservative views vetted by the local Board.”

Goodridge was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta in the Fort McMurray-Conklin by-election on July 12, 2018, after MLA Brian Jean resigned. She was then re-elected in 2019, however the constituency changed and she served under the Fort McMurray-Lac La Biche region.

Goodridge resigned from serving as MLA last week to serve Federally. She replaced former MP for Fort McMurray-Cold Lake David Yurdiga who is not seeking re-election due to private medical issues. Yurdiga told party Leader Erin O’Toole his decision on August14, one day before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared a snap election for September 20.

The statement released by the EDA states that there was funding in place to hold a democratic election.

“Our Board is experienced, has a healthy bank account from being active throughout the years, and is fully capable of vetting candidates and running a nomination contest within a tight timeframe in as little as one week. There is no need to appoint a Candidate.”

They further state that upon Mr. Yudiga’s resignation the EDA received interest from multiple individuals in serving the party, “within hours of the notice of Mr. Yurdiga’s resignation, we received requests for nomination packages from several outstanding and credible candidates, and the Board organized themselves to start the nomination process and contacted the Party accordingly.”

“We were appalled upon receiving notification of the appointment and notice citing Section 13 Abridgement of the Rules per the Rules and Procedures for Candidate Nominations, that is not subject to appeal and their decision was final, to challenge or review, on any grounds whatsoever. We were completely blindsided. There was no discussion or consultation from the Party with our Board on any level. The Federal Party has failed to not only consult its conservative membership and the Board but has also grossly failed its conservative values and principles. It has been made abundantly clear that your voice does not matter despite the Party continually promoting itself as a grassroots organization including most recently in the press release on this very matter.”

We have not abandoned the party; however, the party has abandoned us.” Per Section 15 of the EDA Constitution “It shall be the duty of the Board of Directors to uphold and enforce the provisions of the EDA Constitution.” Let it be known, our local grassroots EDA Board of Fort McMurray Cold Lake, stood for our membership, our constitution, and democracy till the end, and will always stand for what is right and ethical.


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