Thursday , 23 September 2021

St. Paul Council approves skate park southside fencing

Skateboarders in St. Paul will no longer have to chase their boards onto the road after a failed trick at the local skatepark thanks to a recent decision by the Town of St. Paul Council.

Currently, the Town of St. Paul has a snow fence on the southside of the Skate Park separating the Skate Park from the curb on 53rd avenue to prevent errand skateboards from leaving the Skate Park and ending up on road.

Maureen Miller is the Mayor of the Town of St. Paul.

“When the skate park was opened we were contacted by concerned citizens about loose skateboards leaving the park and headed toward the road,” Mayor Miller told Lakeland Connect. “Our concern was the owners running after them.”

On Aug 9, Elected Officials agreed that a 245-foot long chain-link fence, which will be three feet high and black in color will be installed at a cost of $5118.75. It will be installed by Double J.R.C. Fencing. The fence will also serve a dual purpose.

“We also identified a usage path that we would like to discourage and in turn encourage the use of the designated crosswalks as entry points,” Mayor Miller said. “We have approved a new install of a three-foot black chain link to serve both purposes.”

The Town of St. Paul should replace the temporary snow fence by end of this season, Mayor Miller concluded.

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