Thursday , 23 September 2021

Cold Lake animal intake facility in the works

The City of Cold Lake is replacing the old animal intake centre with a brand new building.

Craig Copeland is the Mayor of the City of Cold Lake.

“The building should be ready to go early 2022,” Mayor Copeland told Lakeland Connect. “The bylaw officers will bring the animals into the intake center and the animal will remain in the intake center for approximately five days. If the animal is not claimed by the respectful owner than the animal will be handed over to the Lakeland Humaine Society (LHS).”

The new facility will be located at 6220 50 Ave., which is right next to the current facility. Mayor Copeland says, “The City has not decided who will operate the new intake centre, if it will be city staff or a contracted out service.”

Mayor Copeland told Lakeland Connect, “The City is aware that the Lakeland Humaine Society has purchased the old Terramara Kennels on Highway 55 and we are supportive of that purchase as that property has amazing potential for sustainable funding for the society.”
It is unclear if the LHS will accept the animals from the City of Cold Lake, however Mayor Copeland remains optimistic.

What happens when the City of Cold Lake impounds my pet?

With respect to the City Pound: under the City of  Cold Lake bylaw #535-PL-14 Council shall designate a place to be operated as the Pound for the keeping of animals impounded pursuant to this Bylaw. It also states that Council may make any rules and regulations pursuant to this Bylaw that it feels is necessary for the operation of the Pound.
According to the City Bylaw when an animal is delivered to the Pound by an Officer or person, the Pound Keeper shall take custody of the animal and provide all the necessary care to ensure the animal is fed and sheltered properly.
The Pound Keeper shall also take all reasonable steps to locate and contact the registered owner of the animal through the current Animal License, provided one is attached.

So what happens when a pet was not collected by its owner?

According to the Bylaw, when an animal has been impounded, the owner shall have three working days to reclaim the animal, and the Pound Keeper shall, subject to the provisions of this Bylaw, release such animal upon being satisfied that:

  • All penalties and pound fees have been paid; and
  • A valid Animal License has been obtained.
  • If in the opinion of the Pound Keeper or Officer an animal appears to be a pure-bred animal or if it bears an obvious identification tattoo, brand, mark, tag, or license, the owner of said animal shall have ten working days to reclaim the animal.

The Bylaw states that any animal left at the Pound beyond the holding period may be disposed of by the Pound Keeper at their discretion by:

  • Selling it to any person for an amount equal to the impound, vaccination (if necessary), and licensing fees;
  • Selling it to a person according to the criteria set out in an adoption program,
  • Having the animal destroyed by a qualified veterinarian in a humane manner;
  • Shipping it to another animal shelter or SPCA facility for adoption purposes; or
  • Shipping it to any certified educational institution for vivisection or other uses.

The City of Cold Lake also has a Animal Adoption Program, the Bylaws states that, “Every animal kept in the Pound beyond three days, not including the day of impoundment, shall be eligible to be adopted out to the public.”

To view the City of Cold Lake Bylaw Regulating Animal Care and Control click here.

Construction on the new facility is estimated to be completed by Feb. 28.

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