Monday , 27 September 2021

The Lakeland Humane Society Purchases Tarramara Property

The Lakeland Humane Society (LHS) is excited to announce the purchase of a property that will help meet the growing needs of animal care and welfare in the Lakeland area.
For over 10 years, the LHS has been working hard with the help of this incredible community through fundraising and donations towards securing a larger space.
“When we first launched our Capital Campaign, we had optimistic visions of a high- end facility that met all the needs that any Humane Society could want,” LHS stated on their Facebook page. “As the years went by, we were faced with the challenging situation of downscaling our project to fit within our budget as the cost to build a new facility was still beyond our reach.”
The LHS stated that by 2020 the process of building from scratch was looking less and less possible as the cost of building, construction and supplies was continuously increasing.
“When this opportunity to purchase an existing property with animal amenities on site was presented to the Lakeland Humane Society, our board of directors had to seriously consider if it would be a more feasible solution for the future of the LHS,” the LHS stated.
This new facility will allow the Lakeland Humane Society to expand its programs and services while helping a larger number of animals from the Lakeland area.
“In our current location, we routinely run over capacity especially for felines and are continuously having to turn away animals in need due to space limitations,” the LHS said. “We are very excited to be able to work in a larger facility that will allow us to offer our animal population more space and opportunities for training and socialization. This in turn will ensure that animals have a comfortable stay while reducing stress and increase adoptability.”
While there are many renovations, improvements, and details to work on over the next few months, the LHS says they are so excited to be able to have all their dedicated volunteers and supporters out to their new space when it is ready.
“This new location will help improve our ability to create a space that is not only comforting to the animals but enjoyable for all our volunteers and community members to visit and socialize. Although we take possession of the property at the end of June, there will be a transition period as we work out the new operations of the facility. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through this new and exciting chapter for the Lakeland Humane Society,” the LHS said on social media. “Thank you again to our wonderful community for continuously supporting the homeless, abandoned, and unwanted animals in this area. We look forward to continuing to provide the high level of animal care that the Lakeland is accustomed to on a larger scale.  Please stay tuned for future updates and information.”

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