Saturday , 25 September 2021

Alberta RCMP provide tips to safely store and protect off-highway vehicles

With the beginning of summer and the end of the school year, Albertans will ride their off-highway vehicles more often. Alberta RCMP reminds citizens to safely store and protect their off-highway vehicles.

Here some tips for are keeping your recreational vehicles safe:

  • When you’re done using your recreational vehicle, park it in a locked garage or shed.
  • If you can’t park indoors, park your recreational vehicle in sight and chained to something.
  • Follow a nightly checklist to ensure everything is locked up and secured for the night.
  • To ensure maximum protection, turn on your outside lights at night.
  • Engrave your off-highway vehicles and other valuable items with your name or a serial number.
  • Keep a detailed list of your property including photos and serial numbers.
  • Make sure you have a timer for lights and surveillance cameras installed.

In June 2020, 73 off-highway vehicles, including two snowmobiles, six golf carts and one riding lawn mower, were stolen in Alberta RCMP jurisdictions.


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