Saturday , 25 September 2021

Bonnyville powerlifter named to Team Canada

A resident from Bonnyville has been named to Team Canada for powerlifting.

Janine Hebert has been selected as a member of Team Canada for the 2021 North American Regional Powerlifting Championships.

“I’m over the moon,” Hebert told Lakeland Connect about her excitement. “It’s been a goal for the past few years, August 20 I hit the platform in Orlando.”

Hebert says you have to believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything. But life hasn’t always been easy for Herbert. Getting to where she is now in life took a lot of work.

“As much as I do this for me, a portion will always do it for the 14 -year-old me who didn’t believe I was going to be anything,” Herbert said. “And to all girls and women fighting a battle, none of us show to the public.”

Herbert says the best years we live are the ones where we remember how to love ourselves.

“April 30, 2017, I picked up a barbell for the first time,” Hebert said. “I was scared.”

The 41-year-old powerlifter says we are conditioned to think that our teens and our twenties are the best years of our lives. But that’s not the case for Hebert, she is focused and plans on putting up some serious weight at the competition for Team Canada.

Hebert says if someone tells you that you cant do something, “Do it anyway.”

“If we fail, at least we tried,” Hebert said.

The 2021 North American Regional Powerlifting Championships will take place from August 15 to 22 in Orlando Florida.

Let’s show our support Lakeland on social media for Hebert. Post your congratulations message at #GoHebertGoCanada.

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