Saturday , 25 September 2021
An aerial view of the Town of Vermilion. Image credit: vermilion.ca

Town of Vermilion will not subdivide the town owned landfill

The Town of Vermilion will not subdivide the landfill property.

According to Municipal documents, the Town would have to complete a phase II and possibly a phase III environmental site assessment and could be held responsible for reclamation should they sell the land as a contaminated site.

Derek Young is the Director of Infrastructure and Planning Services with the Town of Vermilion.

“The Town operated a landfill for a number of years that was closed in about 2003,” Young told Lakeland Connect. “During recent discussions administration was asked to explore the possibility of subdividing the land where the closed landfill sits to see if that would offer any benefits to the remaining land or the landfill in the future. Our research didn’t identify any advantages at this point for the Town to split this parcel.”

Director Young checked with Alberta Environment and Parks on giving up the land. If an entity or agency cannot fulfill its obligation to monitor and maintain a contaminated site, the Alberta Government will step in to help the owner so they can continue to maintain the contaminated site.

Elected officials decided it is not economically feasible to subdivide the town-owned landfill property at this point.

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