Saturday , 25 September 2021

Cold Lake cop saves patients life with blood delivery

A Mountie from the Cold Lake RCMP was given a unique task recently which helped save a patient’s life at the Bonnyville hospital.

Cst. Mattie was asked to assist the Bonnyville Hospital with a blood/plasma delivery from the Cold Lake Hospital, after being contacted by a doctor at the Bonnyville hospital.

The Alberta RCMP posted on their Facebook page that Cst. Mattie was quick to respond to the call for service and acted fast to ensure the plasma was delivered in time.

The RCMP says the doctor was incredibly appreciative and said the quick delivery of the blood/plasma most certainly saved the patient’s life—who is now recovering in Edmonton.

The doctor said that all to often the patient doesn’t receive the plasma in time but in this case they did and the quick delivery made the difference.

When asked about the call, Cst. Mattie said that it was a feel-good type of duty and she was more than happy to get out to help.

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