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Cpl Bobby Burgess says drug seizure beneficial to Lakeland Region especially to St. Paul and Saddle Lake

significant drug bust in the Lakeland Region by the Eastern Alberta District – General Investigation Section (EAD GIS) will make a huge impact on drugs being sold in St. Paul and Saddle Lake areas says EAD GIS Team Leader.

Cpl. Bobby Burgess who is the Team Leader says EAD GIS entered into a methamphetamine drug trafficking investigation in relation to a Myrnam, Alberta resident who was suspected to be trafficking methamphetamine in the Lakeland area including St Paul, Saddle Lake, Kehewin, Bonnyville, and Elk Point areas.


“It’s a pretty significant seizure, and I think this is definitely going to be beneficial to the local communities especially St. Paul and Saddle Lake,” Burgess told Lakeland Connect in an exclusive interview. “Our investigation showed significant ties to both those areas.”

Cpl. Burgess says the estimated street value of the substances seized is likely more than $800,000. A significant dent in the drug trade in our region.

Two individuals have been arrested and are facing numerous charges in relation to this lengthy investigation. Diane Cecile Montandon, a 52-year-old female from Myrnam, and Matthew Allen Tierney, a 30-year-old male from Edmonton were both charged. 

“In the Winter of 2020. We received anonymous information that Diane Cecile Montandon was trafficking methamphetamine,” Cpl. Burgess said. “If anyone has any information about possible drug trafficking, going on in your community, you should definitely reach out to your local RCMP detachment, or Crimestoppers.”

CpI. Burgess says some things residents can watch out for to identify drug dealers in our communities is if you see heavy traffic to and from residences for a very short duration. 

“That’s usually indicative of drug trafficking, those would definitely be things that might be a red flag for somebody to bring forward to their local RCMP detachment,” Cpl. Burgess said. “We’re committed to continuing to be proactive in identifying and investigating drug traffickers. And we’re obviously going to continue the work that we’re doing for the district.”

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