Wednesday , 6 July 2022
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Mayor of Cold Lake says speeding ATVs are a problem

The Mayor of Cold Lake is asking all-terrain vehicle (ATV) owners to slow down in the city and on the highway.

During “The Morning After” interview with Lakeland Connect on May 4, Mayor Craig Copeland said speeding off-road vehicles has become a big issue in the city.

“Some of the ATVs we clocked at 100 kilometers per hour, along the highway, so significant speed. And so, bylaw officers are out there with your RCMP trying to, you know, catch the people that are doing all this,” Mayor Copeland said.

According to the City of Cold Lake Bylaw #540-PL-14, there are rules of the road which every ATV rider must follow:

  • The maximum speed at which an off-highway vehicle may travel within the City is 30km/h, or less if posted at a reduced speed.
  • Where more than one off-highway vehicle is traveling in a group, drivers shall ensure that they ride in single file.
  • Drivers must obey all traffic control devices.
  • Drivers shall yield the right of way to other vehicles or pedestrians using the highway.

Copland says a lot of residents are upset with riders going by in the back alleys at really excessive speeds.

The Mayor is asking disobedient riders to please slow down and says “We’re unique in we allow people to come right out of their house or garage with their quads, side by sides, and go to the trailhead, and we really promote it,” Mayor Copeland said. “There are some amazing trails up here. If you don’t want to trailer your unit somewhere in the bush, you know, we allow people to move from their home and they go to the trailhead and so I’m just recommending to everybody, don’t blow it for everybody and we’ve had a lot of complaints this year.”

Lakeland Connect reached out to the Alberta RCMP to see what is being done to combat the issue, we are waiting to hear back from them.

To view the interview with Mayor Copeland click here.

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