Monday , 17 January 2022

Hampson Declares Run for Elk Point Mayor Seat

Terri Hampson has announced that she is running for the Elk Point Town Mayor seat.

Residing in Elk Point with her husband Dan, Hampson is actively involved with the community as the President of the Elk Point Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Committee, the Community Lions Club, and various sports clubs.

Hampson also currently sits on the following committees for the Town: Alberta Cares, Family Community Support Services (FCSS), Lakeland DMO, AB Hub, Regional Development Appeal Board, the Regional Water Commission, Regional Waste Commission (Alt.), and the Community Policing Committee.

“I have appreciated the past four years on Council, and I continue to learn each day,” Hampson told Lakeland Connect. “I look forward to continuing to be a strong advocate for our community, while working alongside Administration and Town Council as a team to represent our town, including youth, families, and seniors who make up our diverse community, as well as our business community. We are going to have challenging times ahead and we need to ensure we have a strong voice for sustainability and viability going forward. We must continue to collaborate and grow our partnerships with our County and Indigenous neighbors, promoting a regional approach, but ensuring our local identity”.

In her off-hours, Hampson works as the Operations Finance Manager at Northern Lights Library System in Elk Point. Hampson says since she moved to Elk Point, she has developed a passion for community development.

“I can say, I care deeply for and am passionate about the town I call home,” Hampson explained. “I wouldn’t trade this small-town living in for anything! It would be an honour and a privilege to continue to serve.”

Hampson says she is running her campaign on the following three promises, made four years ago that continue to be relevant today:


  • Increase Council accessibility with open two-way communication.
  • Promote Council to be positive advocates and be more visible in the community.


  • Continue to generate community engagement.
  • Encourage and foster community pride.
  • Promote our Town identity and push for long-term viability.

Common Sense

  • Growth and financial accountability.
  • Focus on local and community development.
  • Continue to build strong partnerships and collaborations.

She understands it may be unorthodox to announce that she’s running for Mayor early, however, Hampson believes she has a lot of work to do within the community, as a relative newcomer.

“There is plenty we want to achieve on Council right now and I want to assure the residents I will stay true to the commitment I made four years ago when the community entrusted me with the task,” she said. “I hope the residents of Elk Point will show the same confidence and grace this election cycle. I think that with the right team in place we are going to make amazing things happen in Elk Point.”


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