Monday , 17 January 2022

Community Social Work Students Raise Thousands of Dollars for Local Agencies

Second year Community Social Work (CSW) students from Portage College have completed their Community Development projects – and local community agencies are the main beneficiaries. Otherwise known as work integrated learning, the projects allow the students from Cold Lake and Lac La Biche to apply the skills they learned in class to real-world settings while also gaining valuable experience and lending a helping hand in their communities.

“In total our students were able to raise an astounding $5,609.90 dollars for various community initiatives,” said Lyla Allan, Program Coordinator for Community Social Work and Fine Arts. “I am extremely proud of the students’ efforts and the support from the instructors to raise the funds for the community agencies.”

As part of the program, students select the agencies after first conducting some research and then brainstorm ways they can support them.

“The students are placed in small groups and are asked to use the following question as their guide as they brainstorm project ideas: What is something we can do in partnership with an agency to benefit the community?” said Jana McKinley, Social Work Instructor in Lac La Biche. “From there they come up with a project idea and connect with an agency, or sometimes they will connect with an agency who has an existing idea that the students help to put into action.”

Community involvement has been part of the CSW curriculum for many years and is valued by the students, instructors, and communities alike.

“These projects provide our students with the opportunity to develop their skills in the areas of collaboration, communication, needs assessment, evaluation, budgeting, defining objectives, organization and planning, marketing, documentation, and other skills that may be specific to their chosen project while building relationships and contributing positively to their communities,” said Audrey Cochrane, Social Work Instructor in Cold Lake.

CSW students completed the following projects this year:

“The Community Social Work faculty and staff would like to acknowledge all of our second-year students’ hard work on these initiatives to raise funds for their community,” said Allan. “They have done themselves, the College, and their communities proud.”

If you would like to learn more about our Community Social Work Program visit portagecollege.ca or call 1-866-623-5551.

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