Monday , 17 January 2022

Cold Lake First Nations issuing eviction notices to law breakers

The Chief and Council have taken a hard stance on trespassers and prohibited activity on Cold Lake First Nations (CLFN) land.

Effective immediately, eviction notices and warning letters are being issued under the CLFN Trespassing, Public Safety, and Order Bylaw to any residents living in Band houses who have repeatedly engaged in criminal activity, and compromised the safety and integrity of the community.

“The crime in our community has come to a breaking point as drug activity, violence, and dangerous car chases have become all too common,” CLFN Chief Roger Marten said in a press release.

The decision to implement this hard stance comes after concerns were raised by numerous Nation Elders and community residents who have called for swift and meaningful action.

“We have heard the concerns of our community members loud and clear,” Chief Marten said.

The Nation is working directly with the local RCMP to ensure that the identified offenders are served notices safely and expeditiously.
Previously evicted residents who continue to engage in illegal activities on CLFN land will be deemed trespassers and may face permanent banishment from all CLFN lands and associated property.

Cold Lake First Nations welcomes all visitors and guests but no longer will tolerate people or activities that risk the safety or security of their community and its members.

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