Monday , 17 January 2022

2021 High School Graduations in the works for Northern Lights Public Schools

While most high school graduations are still a few months away, Northern Lights Public Schools are actively planning to celebrate this milestone in students lives.

Nicole Garner is the Communications Officer for Northern Lights Public Schools.

“Each school is determining what its graduation ceremonies will look like,” Garner said. “It will likely look different at each school as the number of grads varies.”

Garner says outreach schools traditionally have fewer grads and may have more options for indoor ceremonies. 

“Our high schools may look at doing multiple small ceremonies rather than one large one or outdoor versus indoor,” Garner said. “Last year the schools got really innovative and tried different things like drive-in celebrations, visiting each grads’ home and congratulating them.”

It’s likely that past ideas may be incorporated for this year’s ceremonies aw well Garner added.

“Part of it will also depend on what restrictions are in place in June when the ceremonies are scheduled to take place,” She said. “The schools will likely have contingency plans in place to make adjustments if COVID-19 requirements change between now and then.”

Superintendent Rick Cusson says that plans are underway for the division’s high schools to hold COVID-19 compliant graduation celebrations this year, whatever that may look like. 

Ceremonies will not look the same as they used to and may look different at each school, but they will be going ahead Cusson explained at the school board meeting held on March 24. 

Details on what ceremonies will look like will be shared by each school.

Cusson also noted that COVID-19 resulted in schools needing to do things a bit differently to recognize grads last year and many families responded positively.

Those activities would likely continue this year and perhaps even after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, Cusson concluded.

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