Monday , 17 January 2022

Contest encourages people to create sacred spaces in their homes

Lighten Up Therapy and Wellness Centre is running a Sacred Space Contest from now until April 26, with the chance to win $500 in prizes.

Participants will have to submit before and after photos of a space they rearrange in their home to create a healing retreat space to relax, ground themselves, meditate, or re-energize.

Owner Amber Skolarchuk created the contest based on what she was hearing from customers and the heavy energy they were experiencing due to managing the pandemic and daily life.

“Because everyone’s kind of in the same boat from everything going on with COVID, this allows people to take a break from the world if we can’t travel anywhere. It gives people an incentive and something to look forward that they can continue to use after COVID,” said Skolarchuk.

“It doesn’t have to be a whole room, it could be a closet or corner of the bedroom. We are encouraging people to create that space for themselves in hopes that people will use it.”

The items in the photos, she said, can come from anywhere and can be as unique as you like. For example, she once created a meditation corner with just a pillow on the floor, some candles, and pictures on the wall.

You can create your very own sacred space just by surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good. Your sanctuary should bring you happiness and relaxation.

“After a long day, your sacred space should inspire feelings of relaxation that can flow back into yourself, and can act as a space for you to ground your energy. It doesn’t have to be a meditation cushion, it could be a reading corner with plants and a chair, whatever place you can go that supplies a comfortable, cozy feeling whether that is singing bowls or crystals, it may be different for everyone,” said Skolarchuk.

Whether the dishes or laundry are piled up, she said people won’t want to go either of those places in their home, but these sanctuaries will be places that people can rest and just be in, continue to enjoy throughout the year.

“Some people might have a space started or have been thinking about creating one for some time. With people at work all day or dealing with kids, it’s nice to have a space just for you – to have all your wonderful energy tools that you can utilize. It can also be great for resettling yourself after an argument,” said Skolarchuk.

“In my home, we have a room where when someone is in there, you don’t engage with them – for when we need some alone time and a space that is just ours. When comfort items are spread out, you are always available, but when you create a space and I’m in that corner with my noise cancellation headphones and meditation music it’s like, ‘Don’t bother me.’

She also said utilization increases because everything is right there ready to go and she doesn’t have to walk around collecting items. Some people use their sacred spaces only when they feel drawn to it, and others are more scheduled starting their day with yoga or meditation.

Likewise, some will use theirs before bed so that all the worries and stresses of the day are wiped clean and they are able to have a good night sleep.

“People from anywhere can participate, and staff will be judging based on style, comfort, energy, and the transformation of the space – it’s really just for fun,” said Skolarchuk.

You can enter for free by emailing [email protected], but if you register at https://lightenuptherapyandwellness.com you can purchase a $20 code to receive 20 per cent off most items in the store which can help out with your expense.

Pictures need to be submitted by April 26, with the winners being announced on April 29.

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