Tuesday , 27 July 2021

Telus set to arrive in April to begin work on fiber optic in Lac La Biche

Lac La Biche’s internet connectivity issues are pronounced, but it is hoped soon there will be solutions coming soon.

After the announcement in March 2020 that Telus and the County of Lac La Biche were partnering to install fiber optic in the hamlet and surrounding subdivisions near Plamondon.

Mayor Omer Moghrabi said on The Day After Debrief that the $17 million project will be beginning shortly.

“They’ll be showing up in Lac La Biche here in April and start putting in the fiber in the hamlet of Lac La Biche a number of subdivisions around the hamlet of Plamondon,” said Moghrabi.

“Also, they’ll be looking at a site or a tower west of Lac La Biche, where there’s hardly any connection at all…that probably won’t happen till 2022, but it would be nice if it happens this year. What happens when you get the fiber in and you’ve got that extra tower, you also can turn the towers that are here, they can turn them out towards the rural hopefully, then we can see where the dead spots are,” he said.

“But having fiber is huge for a small community like us.”

A cell tower build in the Noral area is currently part of the plan, but a specific site for the cell tower has not yet been selected, county staff said.

Lac La Biche County and Telus are sharing the cost of building the network.

Beginning in 2020, the county is paying $2,397,500 annually for three years and that represents 44 per cent of the capital costs, while Telus is

An announcement is slated for April when more details will be revealed.

“It’s a game changer long term economically,” said Moghrabi.

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