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M.D. of Bonnyville Council Highlights March 24, 2021



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#1 Town of Bonnyville ICF Adopted – Council adopted the Intermunicipal  Collaboration Framework (ICF) between the M.D. and the Town of Bonnyville.  Municipalities that share a common boundary must create an ICF by April 1, 2021, as per the legislative requirement introduced in 2016 through the Municipal Government Act.  The M.D. will pay the Town a lump sum cost share calculated at $1.5 million.

#2 Public Auction Postponed To Later Date – Council accepted the postponement of the Public Auction date to Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 2 p.m. in Council Chambers. Due to the existing environment of institutions not operating in the same time frames as previous years, Administration suggested postponing the Public Auction to provide additional time for institutions to address outstanding arrears prior to the auction.

#3 New ASB Rental Rates – Council approved a delivery fee of $20 for select  Agricultural Service Board (ASB) rental equipment. Prior to COVID-19, all ASB rental equipment was picked up by renters at the Public Works Shop. During the 2020 season, all ASB rental equipment, except for pest traps, was delivered from the Shop to the renter’s residence in accordance with Alberta Health Services measures. There will also be slight rental increases for nine large pieces of equipment and for custom spraying.

#4 Thin Lake River Bridge Replacement – Council approved the replacement of two sidewalks as part of the Thin Lake River Bridge (BF70927) Replacement Project on  Range Road 474. The new bridge will be designed to current engineering standards for 75-year service life. It will be designed for a Class 3 (8 m wide) road, but will be capable of handling upgrading to a Class 2 (9 m wide) road in the future. The estimated cost to provide two-metre-wide sidewalks on each side of the bridge is $500,000.

#5 Glendon Drainage Project – Council approved the contribution of $400,000 to the Village of Glendon Drainage Project to replace a bridge-sized culvert under Township Road 610A. Administration was directed to get letters of support for the project from M.D. landowners who will be affected by the drainage design. The project will construct a diversion channel around the southwest corner of the village, to redirect northbound overland drainage around the village’s west edge to alleviate flooding issues in the municipality.

#6 Highway 892 Upgrade – Council directed Administration to send a letter to the  Minister of Transportation requesting that Highway 892, north of Hwy. 55 to Imperial  Oil, be included in the 2022 Road Construction Program. Administration will be asking companies using that section of Hwy. 892 to provide letters of support to Alberta Transportation as well.

#7 Charlton Road Invoice Paid – Council approved payment of $91,163.23 to ATCO for the 2018 relocation of 16 poles on Township Road 605 (Charlton Road) to be funded from the Road Improvement Reserve. ATCO delayed the submission of the invoice due to changes in their financial system, invoicing process, and staff turnover. The invoice was submitted to the M.D. on February 8, 2021.

#8 Funding Support – Council approved a $350,000 contribution, to be budgeted from the M.D. Industry Cares Legacy Fund, for the Bonnyville Golf and Country Club, to assist in covering the costs of an irrigation system upgrade. The Club was approved for a  provincial $500,000 Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) Grant for the project. Council approved a contribution of $45,000 to assist Kinosoo Productions in the development of filming a television pilot entitled Rebar, to be funded from Grants to Individuals and Non-Government Organizations. Council approved $1,216.53 in matching funds raised from the M.D. #TakeItToTheLake #KeepYourDistance Winter Shirt Promotion for the Cold Lake Food Bank for a total donation of $2,433.06. A similar campaign was done in the summer and funds were donated to the Bonnyville Food Bank.

#9 Briefly – Council directed Administration to bring back potential options to implement a ditch cleaning program for property owners. Consultant Chris Ulmer, from  Urban Systems, will host an internal workshop for Council on April 13 to review and update the Municipal Development Plan (MDP). Council approved the cancellation of nine Residential and Non-Residential tax penalties and denied the cancellation of two  Residential tax penalties based on previous late penalties within the last five years.  Council approved the sale of the 2006 Peterbilt Front Load Compactor Truck by large public auction in conjunction with the 2021 Infrastructure Services equipment sale.

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