Saturday , 23 October 2021
The Town of St. Paul's new garbage truck has an arm which lifts the bins for staff.

Tender awarded for St. Paul waste bins

The tender for the new waste bins to be used in the Town of St. Paul has been awarded to Superior Truck Equipment Inc. which had the lowest bid of $157,732.02 plus GST.

The town had budgeted $180,000 for the project in the 2020 Capital Budget which was rolled in to the 2021 Capital Budget.

According to Director of Public Works Steven Jeffery, the company will supply the town with 1,800-360L bins and 200-240L bins. The bins will be stamped with the Town of St. Paul logo, have RFID coding, and 12-inch rubber wheels.

According to Jeffery, Superior Truck Equipment not only had the lowest price offered while still meeting the town’s specifications but also “references had very good things to say about the roll out of their bins with this company.”

Now that the tender has been awarded, the company will begin manufacturing the bins in early April. Jeffery said the company has an aggressive timeline and hopes to have the bins delivered ahead of the Town’s May 3 deadline.

In an interview after the meeting, Mayor Maureen Miller said the town plans to take the first year of the garbage bins as a pilot project.

“They are going to try and maintain the present pickup schedule that there is. If you’re back alley today, we’re going to attempt to keep you in back alley tomorrow,” said Miller.

She said the Town expects to spend the next two months educating the public about what can go in to the garbage bins and where and how the bins need to be placed in order for the truck to collect them.

Recycling and yard waste will still need to be taken to the transfer station by residents.

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