Thursday , 21 October 2021
From left, Mayor Caroline McAuley, and Owner/Artist Dana Lychak.

Vermilion tattoo shop gets new business nod after delayed opening–and re-opening

Enigma Art Tattoos re-opened last month and received their New Business plaque from the Town of Vermilion on February 17.

“I think its always good to have local service, and to have lots of options and diversity for people,” said Mayor Caroline McAuley.

“Thank you for coming to our community.”

Owner and tattoo artist, Dana Lychak, said she opened last February and was shut down due to COVID, reopened and was ‘super busy’ getting a lot of people through in a window before appointments had to be cancelled with the second shut down.

“The perseverance it takes to be an entrepreneur is outstanding,” said McAuley.

Lychak accepted CERB pay during the first shutdown, but survived off her savings for the second shutdown knowing she’d have to pay a portion back. Originally from Derwent, she is no stranger to Vermilion or hard work.

“In a rural community, you have to be really independent. I’ve always had to travel to the grocery store, etc.,” said Lychak.

“I’m happy to be here in Vermilion, and I hope to grow the business, eventually getting a piercer or adding another artist,” said Lychak.

Lychak has tattooed at bike rallies across the province, and has worked in the industry for five years. She completed her apprenticeship under Renita Senz.

“I’ve always wanted to be a tattoo artist, since I was a child,” said Lychak.

“You have to be able to draw, and there are certain techniques and shades (I’ve seen a lot of bad work done in houses).”

In order to become a tattoo artist, she said you take a blood-born pathogens course and shadow another artist to learn. She said all her inks are basically food colouring and alcohol – she’s never had anyone react and has worked on people with allergies and irritable skin. Some inks, she said, don’t have as good of quality.

“For some people getting a tattoo is a really meaningful experience,” said McAuley.

“I really enjoy seeing some of the people. Art keeps me busy – it’s my passion,” said Lychak.

Located at 49th Avenue in Vermilion, she is currently booking into mid-March and can only take appointments due to the current health protocols.

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