Thursday , 21 October 2021

No street improvements in Vermilion in 2021 in push to compile future projects

The Town of Vermilion has decided that there will be no roads paved this year. Council carried a motion on Tuesday to delay street improvement projects until 2022.

“By doing no roads this year and a whole bunch in 2022, we’ll be able to set up projects a little better. It’s a way we are going to try to move forward, and I think we are going to save the community money too,” said Derek Young, Director of Transportation and Utilities.

The committee met last week and decided it may be best to compile projects into larger groupings, completed every two years because they expect to get better pricing on their road construction projects when doing them all at once.

The committee report said it will allow more time to design and tender the projects ahead of the construction season, ensuring that projects are completed well before the cold weather sets in during the fall.

Councillor Richard Yaceyko said, “My only concern is that as the economy picks up and it gets really busy, I also notice that our pricing goes up.”

“I agree with this approach – I think it’s innovative, I think there is a great potential for efficiencies when you have a larger project,” said Councillor Robert Pulyk.

The report included that there would be no impact on the budget because the program is funded through the federal gas tax grant. A request for proposal will be issued this year to select the engineering firm for designing both 2021 and 2022 projects to be constructed next year.

Proposed projects in 2021 include: 44 Avenue from 50 Street to 51 A Street, 48 A Avenue from 46 Street to 47 Street, and 44 Street from 42 Avenue to 47 Avenue. In 2022, Young Drive is scheduled.

We will continue to complete the annual maintenance activities like pothole filling, crack sealing, and line painting,” said Young.

When discussing development, the Town’s new website was highlighted and Mayor, Caroline McAuley said, “I think some of the good things include the ability for people to report there – whether you see a pothole, or want to send a bouquet to administration or council.”

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