Thursday , 21 October 2021

County of St. Paul to save $60K with change in IT provider

The County of St. Paul expects to see approximately $60,000 of savings in their annual information technology costs with a change in service providers.

According to CAO Sheila Kitz in her information briefing to council on Feb. 9, the County received eight proposals in response to the RFP for IT Services. Kitz said a colleague of hers who works in the IT department at St. Paul Education helped administration to review the proposals submitted.

“We did interview the top three, and they were ranked in your RFD in your agenda,” said Kitz. Candidates were interviewed by herself, the consultant, and the County’s in-house IT tech.

The top ranked company was X10 Networks, followed by Trinus Technologies and Ricoh, which tied for the number two spot. Trinus Technologies has been the IT provider for the County for the past five years.

According to Kitz, when they entered in to the contract with Trinus their system had needed quite a lot of work, so the previous agreement did include a significant amount of new equipment.

“We would also be looking at changing the way we procure equipment as well, to reduce our costs and have an evergreening plan that would see equipment replaced as it’s needed,” said Kitz. She noted the agreement with X10 Networks does not include equipment costs, so there will be costs above the estimated annual $69,120.

A motion by Div. 4 Coun. Maxine Fodness to enter in to a five-year contract with X10 Networks carried with unanimous support.

Fodness said “the savings are really substantial,” and Reeve Steve Upham said “it’s a big number.”

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