Saturday , 25 September 2021
Image credit: Two Hills Mennonite School.

Two Hills Mennonite School closed because of COVID-19

Two Hills Mennonite School is now closed to students because of the number of positive COVID-19 cases among staff and students, and the number of people who are legally required to isolate as close contacts.

There are 50 active cases of COVID-19 in the County of Two Hills according to the provincial map on Dec. 9. Although the school has been closed due to COVID-19, Two Hills Mennonite School is not listed as having an outbreak. The only SPERD school with an outbreak status is Glen Avon Protestant School in St. Paul.

According to a letter dated Dec. 7, the school was already experiencing a shortage of substitute teachers and support staff.

“Given the number of active cases, we have to temporarily shift to at-home learning for all of the students at THMS. Please know that the decision was made after careful consideration and in consultation with Alberta Education,” reads the letter.

“But I do want to absolutely point out that all the safety protocols and measures were in place at this school and staff were strictly adhering to them,” said Glen Brodziak in his update to the St. Paul Education Board on Dec. 9.

To prepare for the closure, teachers at THMS sent students home with schoolwork and the belongings in their lockers on Dec. 8. According to the letter, “each teachers will also provide contact information and available contact times if your child needs any help with their work.”

All students are scheduled to continue with at home learning for the first week after the Christmas Break. They are expected to return to classes in school on Jan. 11.

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