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M.D. of Bonnyville Council Highlights December 2 and 9



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High Speed Internet Services RFP 

On December 2, Council directed  Administration to issue a Request For Proposal for internet service providers to partner  with the M.D. on an application to the Universal Broadband Fund. The fund is to be used to improve and provide high speed internet access to rural and remote areas.

Drainage Plan

Council is going back to the drawing board for a plan to deal  with problem flooding/drainage areas in the M.D. At the Dec. 2 Committee Meeting, General Manager of Infrastructure Services Abid Malik provided Council with a map and  a spreadsheet of known problem areas. Council will use those materials to make a solid,  priority-based plan to rectify water issues throughout the M.D.

Community Mailbox Replacement 

M.D. Council agreed to send a letter to MP Shannon Stubbs and MP David Yurdiga to encourage Canada Post to replace rural  community mailboxes, including those in Ardmore and Fort Kent, with updated, more secure boxes. The mailboxes have been broken into several times over the last few months.

Adventure Park Update

On December 9, project consultants McElhanney Ltd. outlined design options to Council for the new Aerial Adventure Park being constructed  at Kinosoo Ridge.

After a lengthy discussion, Council provided direction for design finalization. The Park is a KristallTurm KT-7 – a seven pole, four level customized climbing structure.

It incorporates a range of individual climbing elements at a variety of difficulty levels. The structure incorporates a kids and wheelchair accessible course at near ground level, where patrons can be accompanied by their family, friends and  caregivers. The structure includes a roof-top deck as a function area.

Crane Lake Recreation Support

Council approved a $1,950 contribution towards the creation of a skating rink and walking path on Crane Lake.

The request came  from the Crane Lake Advisory & Stewardship Society and will be funded from the Parks Recreation Board 2020 Budget.

Council also agreed to add the Crane Lake Advisory & Stewardship Society as a “Recreation Society With No Hall” to the list of community  organizations that receive $5,000 annually to assist the group with their recreation  contribution to the community as per Policy No. 3C.011 – Community Association  Operating and Capital Grant Policy.

Municipal Election Remuneration Rates

Rates for the 2021 Municipal Election  workers were set as follows: $275/Day for the Presiding Deputy Returning Officer;  $225/Day for the Deputy Returning Officer; $150/flat Rate for training session  attendance and $.56/per km for election day mileage.

With 15 approved voting station locations, and two open to multiple Wards, 36 election workers are required.

Briefly Dec. 2

Council gave third reading to Bylaw 1753, which establishes fees and charges for the Bonnyville Airport.

The M.D. officially took over airport operations earlier in the fall from the Town of Bonnyville. Council appointed Director of Public Safety Luis Gandolfi as the Deputy Director of Emergency Management for the M.D.

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