Saturday , 18 September 2021

M.D. celebrates Energy Efficiency Day with contest

Today is Energy Efficiency Day in the Municipal District of Bonnyville and across North America.  

M.D. Municipal Energy Officer, Joad Clement is offering up his energy expertise to residents in  the M.D. and Village of Glendon through an online contest.

Residents will answer a few multiple choice questions about energy efficiency and will have the opportunity to win a home energy assessment performed by Clement.

There will also be a secondary prize package containing energy  efficient tools and M.D. and Glendon items. 

“Awareness around energy use and its large-scale environmental impacts, including climate change, is the first step in effecting behavioural change,” said Clement. “Climate change brings higher  risks of extreme temperatures, flooding and drought in the future.

“However, because the energy we  use in our homes is not visible, except on our utility bills that we barely look at, energy efficiency is  often considered as an afterthought.” 

The home energy assessment prize will help make energy usage more visible.

“We are proud to support energy efficiency initiatives that improve our communities in so  many ways – from the creation of local jobs to building and retrofitting municipal buildings and  homes to address energy supply limitations,” said M.D. Reeve Greg Sawchuk.

To enter the contest, visit http://bit.ly/2020EnergyContest

For more information on Energy Efficiency Day, visit www.efficiencycanada.org/energy efficiency-day.

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