Thursday , 13 May 2021
Stuart MacPherson Public Library in Lac La Biche

Alice in Wonderland escape room in LLB

Stuart MacPherson Library in Lac La Biche will be hosting their 5th escape room this Thursday and Friday.

The theme will be Alice in Wonderland, and anyone aged 10 and up will be able to see if they can solve all of the puzzles and get out of the escape room in time.

This Thursday, the escape room will run from 4 – 8 pm, and on Friday it will run from 11:00-6:00pm. The escape rooms are designed by the staff at the library.

“In the past, we did a Harry Potter escape room and it was made completely from scratch by our staff, and the Alice in Wonderland is also all done locally by our staff member that is running the event,” said Maureen Penn, Director for Lac La Biche County Libraries.

All participants are asked to wear masks, and if they don’t have one there will be some available at the library.

Between each group of people that go through the escape room, there is a half an hour window for the staff to clean and sanitize everything for the next group.

“So we have four different rooms that people will be going through, and we have set aside time to reset the room and sanitize everything really well,” said Penn.

“We do have masks provided for each team, and there is a COVID-19 screening checklist everyone has to take before entering the first room.”

There are currently still spots open for Friday, so those that want to register can call 780-623-7467, or register online. For anyone that can’t make it out on the Thursday or Friday will still be able to go through the escape room virtually through the Stuart MacPherson website.

“It’s a very fun activity, and it is good for team building,” said Penn.

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