Thursday , 17 June 2021

Lac La Biche RCMP highlights: arson investigation, angry bears

Lac La Biche RCMP crime highlights from the past week.

Lac La Biche RCMP are currently investigating a structure fire that occurred on August 27 on 101 Street.

Firefighters did get the fire out, and a fire investigator was called to the scene because the fire was said to be of a suspicious nature.

Luckily, no one was injured.

RCMP are still looking for any information regarding the fire and are asking the public if they witnessed anything or have any additional knowledge about the fire to call 780-623-4012, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Residential fire

On August 24, there was a residential fire early in the morning at 1:51am on 105 Street. Before the fire started, the occupant of the building heard two people talking outside.

The investigation is ongoing for the residential fire as well.

From August 21-28, Lac La Biche RCMP received 160 calls for service. The type of call RCMP received the most last week was for Liquor Act/Cause Disturbance/Breach of Peace/Mischief at 33 calls.

The second highest was traffic related at 21.

Aggressive bear in the area

RCMP were called to help peace officers when a homeowner reported that there was an aggressive bear on his property along Mission Road.

The homeowner had tried to scare off the bear by using a bear banger, which is a very loud explosive used specifically to ward off angry bears.

The bear banger backfired as after it was set off the bear charged at the homeowner.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife were called to try and locate the bear afterwards, but they were unsuccessful in finding it.

Wanted Individuals

There are also three Lac La Biche residents currently wanted as they all failed to attend court.

  • Matthew Erasmus
  • Travis Cardinal
  • Shaun Cardinal

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