Monday , 10 May 2021

Bonnyville sets priorities for Community Vision

Council releases new 2020-2024 Community Vision Plan which outlines a roadmap for the Town’s success.

The Town of Bonnyville’s Chief Administrative Officer and municipal Council announced Wednesday the release of the 2020-2024 Community Vision Plan, a strategic cornerstone document that outlines Council’s depiction of a vibrant and successful Bonnyville in the future.

The Community Vision Plan was created with Bloom Centre for Municipal Education and describes priority focus areas – such as economic sustainability, safety, service excellence, and financial sustainability – that Council has identified as being critical to the health, wellness, and vitality of Bonnyville and its’ residents, both now and in the future.

This thrilling development not only highlights hope for the community, but also incorporates a unique and tangible process linking Council’s vision for the community to administrative action plans and financial realities.

In the Community Vision Plan format, the Town’s strategic plan has evolved into a measurable and realistic process that will enhance opportunities for the future for the Town of Bonnyville.

“Our Council was quite pleased with the process to date and are eager to move onto the next phase of this process to determine the realities of our visioning,” said Mayor Gene Sobolewski.

“This document has been created to position the Town to capitalize on opportunities and remain sustainable in the future. This is your document as a resident, as a business partner, or as a Town employee,” said CAO Bill Rogers.

Tim Duhamel, president, and founder, Bloom Centre for Municipal Education, and his son, present the Community Vision to council on Tuesday.

The Community Vision Plan will underscore the administrative and financial strategies required to create tangible and real-life results in the form of a vibrant municipality.

It provides the roadmap to the following commitments in order to allow the Town’s administration to fulfill Council’s vision:

❖ Detailed action plans
❖ Staffing requirements
❖ Financial requirements

Through this innovative development process by Bloom, the Community Vision will remain at the forefront of all strategic short- and long-term decision-making to optimize quality of life in Bonnyville for years to come.

The plan is unique in its concentrated effort to bridge Council’s vision to administrative action and strategic financial considerations, coupled with a new organizational structure.

The Community Vision Plan is designed specifically to enable and foster Council’s community priorities.

The result? Measurable progress towards a better Bonnyville.

The Community Vision Plan is an excellent example of a municipal Council coming together to provide leadership and a positive vision for the community with the goal of enhancing quality of life for residents.

“We wanted to make sure that the plan that we prepared this time around because what happens when you do these strategic plans is counsel sits there for a day or a half a day, and we came up with 10 visions and goals and things like that. And it was just fantastic. It was everybody walked away, feeling very positive, but the plans sit,” said Sobolewski.

We want to not only undertake the exercise, to see where we want to be in so many years, but we also wanted to start focusing on our levels of excellence and a safe community.

“We’ve taken the first step in doing the areas of primary focus — we’ve got economic stability, regional collaboration, recreation and wellness, safe communities, service excellence, financial sustainability, and community identity.”

Town of Bonnyville Community Vision Plan – Council Approved

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