Monday , 10 May 2021

Additional case in County of Two Hills

AHS has reported two additional COVID-19 cases in the County of Two Hills, bringing the total to three active cases.

There have been 12 cases in total for the county, with one reported death.

There are currently 1370 active cases within Alberta, with 185 new cases as of August 31st.

There has been 239 deaths out of 13,902 recorded cases.

According to provincial data the average age for a COVID related death is 83 years old, the average age of a hospital stay or ICU admission is 62 years old, and the average age of those with positive infections is 38 years old.

Between August 24th and August 30th, the three top age ranges for new cases were ages 20-29, 30-29, and 40-49.

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