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Morning After Craig Copeland

The Morning After with Mayor of City of Cold Lake Craig Copeland.

Posted by Lakeland Connect on Thursday, August 13, 2020

Shave and pave chosen in Cold Lake with under $2M in provincial dollars

Cold Lake has been approved to receive funding for infrastructure projects courtesy of the Municipal Stimulus Program that it will put to use in addressing some road projects, though the deal has a bit of a catch.

Projects that otherwise were previously unlikely to be pursued will be addressed thanks to the $1.78 million package, but to make use of the full amount of money it will have to be used up by December of next year.

“We have a ton of road projects — I mean, everybody who lives in Cold Lake can complain about their roads, so we’re going to come in and do a massive amount of what’s called shave and pave,” said Mayor Craig Copeland on The Morning After.

“What that involves is us coming in and levelling off the top layer and laying a fresh layer of asphalt on top. New roads will be built too.”

The MSP’s objective is to help create and sustain local jobs for future economic growth and is described as a key component of the provincial government’s Alberta Recovery Plan regarding shovel-ready projects in Alberta municipalities.

In a letter sent to Minister of Infrastructure Prasad Panda in April of this year, the city outlined a variety of projects considered shovel-ready in which the stimulus package could be utilized within the allotted timeframe, which includes Kinosoo Beach, the wastewater force main, Fischer Storm Water Pond, and a pressure valve installation.

“We have staff working on the tenders and getting them out, so hopefully they’ll be awarded in the next couple weeks. And maybe if we have a late fall, some of the work can be done right now, but certainly by next spring,” said Copeland.

“It’s going to help our local contractors secure some work for next year.

“We’re excited.”

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