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The Day After Debrief with Lac La Biche County Mayor Omer Moghrabi

Posted by Lakeland Connect on Wednesday, August 12, 2020

LLB will be implementing a Golf Course Master Plan

Lac La Biche Golf & Country Club will be getting some upgrades due to recent flood damages.

During the council meeting last Tuesday, a Golf Course Master Plan was approved for the Golf & Country Club.

“The golf course is one of the nicest golf courses in the province, but we have had a tremendous amount of moisture, so a lot of the main areas were flooded. We really want to have a professional come in and give us a master plan to make our golf course better,” said Lac La Biche Mayor, Omer Moghrabi.

A consultant from Golfplan Associates Ltd. will be assessing the golf course and coming up with a plan for improvements.

This includes coming up with a drainage plan for the site, potential renovations to the tee locations and pathways, and upgrade the irrigation system.

The master plan will be starting this year, and the cost is estimated to be around $28,500, with the course being completed by the spring of 2021.

Avid golfers don’t need to worry about missing out on any days on the green, as the Golf Course Master Plan won’t be interfering with whether the course will be open or not.

We won’t be shutting down the golf course. We will be doing one hole at a time, so we are hoping this happens before the snow flies,” said Moghrabi.

Moghrabi knows how essential the golf course is to the hamlet, and doesn’t have any hesitation on spending money to make it that much better.

“It’s a beautiful golf course, in one of the oldest communities in the province. It’s a great asset to our community and brings tourism to Lac La Biche, so it’s worth investing money into.”

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